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National Forest Holiday Greenery Available

By cmahler | Thu, Dec 1, 2011

Land and Resource Use

The Superior National Forest is reminding the public that its trees and boughs can be harvested for use in holiday decorating.

Cutting your own Christmas tree in Superior National Forest - Image courtesy

Cutting your own Christmas tree in Superior National Forest - Image courtesy

Permits to cut Christmas trees are available for $5 at any Superior National Forest office. Permits to collect balsam boughs for personal use costs $20 and should be obtained by contacting the Forest Service office closest to ones desired collection area. Bough collecting for commercial purposes requires a separate permit.

The Forest Service notes that parcels of state, county, tribal and private lands are intermixed with national forest lands within the Superior National Forest boundary. Visitor maps of the Superior National Forest which show land ownership are available at all Forest offices and also via Internet.

Cutting of Christmas trees and boughs is not allowed inside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, plantations, recreation areas, or administrative sites.

Find details on permits for tree cutting and bough collecting HERE.


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